The initial reason to retain a lawyer for a wrongful death claim is to discover the answers to what happened in your situation. It could have been a wide number of scenarios, a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, anything. A majority of the times the only way a family can find answers to their questions is through a lawsuit. Lawyers find these answers through a variety of ways including depositions and discovery requests.

Finding out what happened and getting an answer for the family is the first priority and then comes the claim and seeking possible monetary damages. From there starts the navigation of the court system, dealing with insurance companies and any other corporations that could be relevant or involved in a family’s tragic loss. This process should not be taken lightly, and it is recommended to retain an attorney who has experience in wrongful death claims.

When should a person hire a lawyer for a wrongful death claim?

As soon as you can hire an attorney, the better it would be. This way the attorney can send out evidence preservation letters and begin the investigation process. It is critical to secure all evidence, whether it be debris, photos, or even reconstructions of the scene of the accident. Evidence is more complete and credible the sooner this investigation process is started. It is vital in a wrongful death claim to document all relevant facts to the claim.

Furthermore, once an attorney has been hired, all communications from the insurance companies, corporations, or whomever is on the other side, have to go through the attorney. This hopefully allows a family to deal with the grieving process without being hassled by these outside companies.

What sets our firm apart in handling wrongful death claims?

Our firm has invaluable experience in handling these types of claims and our success in pursing these claims is what sets us apart from other firms. Our attorneys have been handing wrongful death claims for almost their entire careers. However, the most important distinction between us and other firms is our relationships with our clients. Clients will feel like they are family members to our firm.

Thus, our client relationships is what sets us apart from other law firms. Our goal is that by the end of the case that a client feels as comfortable at our office as they do in their own home.

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