Personal injury cases always begin with an unfortunate incident. Navigating the effects of this incident can be a confusing endeavor. However, the attorneys at Roth Davies are here to help guide you through the process. At Roth Davies, our personal injury practice area is dedicated almost exclusively to representing individuals who have been injured or experienced other catastrophic loss and damage as a result of someone’s negligence. Specifically, we represent persons involved in motor vehicle collisions, trucking accidents, medical and professional malpractice, wrongful death, slip and fall accidents, and other general liability matters. Our attorneys are here to educate you on all of the complexities of your case so that you can fully understand all the options available to you. Further, we will be honest with you in what we feel is a smart decision in your case. Many decisions are made throughout the course of a personal injury case, including whether to settle the case or take it all the way to trial. We are here to help make these decisions easier for you. Ultimately, our goal is to get you the best possible outcome. In a personal injury case, the best possible outcome is compensation for your injuries or loss. While some types of personal injury cases have more potential compensation than others, we seek to maximize the amount of compensation in each case.