Personal injury cases always begin with an unfortunate incident. Be it a simple car accident or a semi-truck accident resulting in a wrongful death claim, the disruption caused to your life and the life of your family members can be significant.  Navigating the effects of an accident can be a confusing endeavor leaving many questions.

  • Who caused this accident?
  • Why did this happen?
  • Who is going to pay my medical bills?
  • Who is responsible for my losses?
  • How do I get funds for medical treatment or lost wages?
  • How do I hold the wrongdoer responsible?

The personal injury attorneys at Roth Davies are here to help guide you through the process. At Roth Davies, our personal injury practice area is dedicated almost exclusively to representing individuals who have been injured or experienced other catastrophic loss as a result of someone’s negligence. Specifically, we represent persons involved in car accidents, trucking accidents, medical and professional malpractice, wrongful death, slip and fall accidents, and a host of other injury-related matters. Our attorneys are here to educate you on all of the complexities of your case so that you can fully understand all the options available to you.  If you are looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer you've found the right place.

1. Learn about the personal injury attorneys at Roth Davies, LLC.

The personal injury attorneys at our firm win.  We win cases and we win awards.  Each of the attorneys at our firm focuses their entire practice on one area of the law.  Each attorney excels at one particular practice area and devotes all of their professional careers to that area.  When you can devote all of your attention to one area of the law you're going to get good results.  The attorneys at Roth Davies are trial lawyers that have collected millions of dollars in jury verdicts.  Because of our trial success, defense lawyers and big insurance companies have paid out millions of dollars in settlements to our clients as well.  The personal injury lawyers at Roth Davies have been named as Best of the Bar, Superlawyers, and Top 100 Trial lawyers.  The firm has been named as one of the Best Area Law firms and is A/V rated for its personal injury practice.  The personal injury lawyers at Roth Davies are some of the best-reviewed and well-respected attorneys in the area.

2. Learn About the Law and your Case

The lawyers at our firm want you to be educated, not only about your case but about how the law applies to your particular case.  The lawyers at our firm have spent countless hours providing information as to commonly asked questions surrounding personal injury cases.  We have painstakingly analyzed case law on a variety of personal injury related issues and answered hundreds of questions on our website.  We want everyone to have access to the information they need to be educated on their case. We also take the same amount of care and precision in answering the client's questions.  We know that when you are facing a serious personal injury you need to focus on getting treatment and getting better, the personal injury lawyers at our firm understand that your time is valuable.

3. Focus on Getting Better

The accident lawyers at our firm want you to focus on getting better.  The most important thing after an injury occurs and your legal rights are preserved is that the injured person does their best to recover.  The attorneys at Roth Davies understand and want to take the "legal problems" off the client's mind so they can focus on getting better.  When you become a client of Roth Davies, LLC that is exactly what happens.  We preserve your rights and advocate on your behalf, we keep you involved and up to date with developments in your case and let you focus on getting better.