Mr. Roth practices in all areas of civil litigation, with a focus on serious personal injury and wrongful death. For nearly a decade after law school, Jason practiced civil defense litigation. Jason represented some of the largest insurance companies, corporations, and trucking companies. In doing so, he honed his talents and skills as an attorney. The experience also provided him with insight and experience on how these entities operate and perceive those that have been injured. Jason also knows the pursuit of compensation through the claim, lawsuit, and trial process, as seen through the eyes of these big companies.


Mr. Davies has narrowly focused his practice to assist clients that have been accused of criminal acts. Brandan is dedicated to preserving the rights of the criminally accused and has extensive experience helping clients that find themselves charged with a crime. Whether it is a multiple felon or a first-time offender, Mr. Davies understands that being accused of a criminal act can have life-altering consequences and care must be taken on each case to assure the best possible outcome.


Lauren Fields is the lead domestic attorney at Roth Davies, LLC. Lauren has extensive experience with domestic litigation. Lauren’s practice centers around helping clients with family law issues whether that be a complex and contested divorce, paternity, custody, parenting time, child support disputes, or protection from abuse/protection from stalking matters.