When two vehicles collide it's often referred to as an accident. They are called "accidents" because its more palatable than saying, "Person A wasn't being safe and acting like a reasonable person should, and due to that Person B got injured." It's that simple. In reality, if everyone is being responsible and conscientious, "accidents" simply don't happen. It's when a bad actor decides to engage in behavior that puts others at risk of injury and that injury occurs, that the bad actor wants to dub it an "accident."

Nowhere is this more obvious than when a person gets into a "car accident." Let me give you an example, nearly everyone agrees that driving a car while distracted is unsafe. In the same vein, most people agree that when someone is driving a car in an unsafe manner it is possible that an injury will occur. If a person is driving down the road in their car and they hear their cell phone indicate that they have received a text message they have a choice to make. Do I look at my phone and become distracted knowing that someone may get hurt? Do I not look at my phone because it will distract me and someone might get hurt? The person then makes a choice. If they look at their phone, they have accepted the risk that someone may get hurt as a consequence of them looking at their phone and driving while distracted. If that person then gets in an wreck they nearly always say, "It was an accident." In reality, it wasn't an "accident" it was a conscious decision they made knowing the risks involved and only now after the wreck has occurred do they regret their poor decision making. In short, actions and choices have consequences and it's disingenuous to call a "car wreck" a "car accident" in nearly all circumstances.

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