“I was very pleased with the level of professionalism and knowledge Mr. Roth provided. Mr. Roth made sure I was completely aware of the legal process and kept me informed of all options. I was very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a talented caring attorney. Thank you for caring about me as a person. Mr. Roth made this entire process a lot easier. I focused on getting better and Mr. Roth handled all the legal matters. Thank you for all your help!”



“I was involved in a hit & run accident almost 2 yrs ago. As a direct result of the accident I had surgery and was off work for 3 months. I contacted Jason to help me get compensation for the accident. He made the whole process easy and as stress free as possible. He was always available for any questions or concerns I had. The compensation I received went well beyond what I had hoped for. Would recommend him very highly!”



“I was referred to Jason following an automobile accident I was involved in, by another lawyer. We met and talked through the situation, Jason knew the laws and offered great options. He had experience and confidence, knowing how to handle my case. He was with me though the entire process and my case resolved very favorably. Jason is a fair, honest and ethical man. I would not hesitate to hire him again.”



“I was referred to Jason following an automobile accident I was involved in, by another lawyer. We met and talked through the situation, Jason knew the laws and offered great options. He had experience and confidence, knowing how to handle my case. He was with me though the entire process and my case resolved very favorably. Jason is a fair, honest and ethical man. I would not hesitate to hire him again.”



“Knew 5 minutes into our phone call Jason was the right choice. His command of the law, his common-sense approach, and his demeanor set us at ease immediately. Difficult times can make you vulnerable and skittish, but never once did Jason betray anything. He spelled out the facts, detailed probable vs. possible vs. likely, and in the end got us maximum. Choosing an accident attorney is a very big deal, and we know we hired a great one in Jason. Look no further…..hire this guy IMMEDIATELY.”



“When I had my case brought to this firm, I did not expect a whole lot through my situation. But soon after the fast and easy consultation, he and his team worked tirelessly and without hesitation promised that they would do their best. They absolutely did just that! Fantastic and quick communication. They were understanding and very kind to myself and my family involved. We couldn’t have asked for a better representation and example of such wonderful lawyers and their firm. Thank you all so much for all you have done!”



“Absolutely the best lawyer I’ve ever worked with and I’m in law enforcement so I’ve worked with hundreds of lawyers. If he didn’t know the answer, he was honest enough to tell me and my mother without sugar coating anything. Even before he was hired, Jason took his own time to research our problem and poured himself into the case on a weekend. By Monday, he had educated himself in the case law and procedures and was ready to move forward. Our case was successful and my mother is now financially secure in her golden years because Jason made it happen. Jason Roth honestly and truly cares for his clients. When my father passed away he chose to drive over an hour to be at the visitation for the family. You could see the sorrow in his face, my father’s loss affected him and made him an even better lawyer. I have no doubt that he was emotionally invested in the success of our case. The best trait that I really admired was that I wasn’t just enough name on a file on his desk. Jason responded to my questions and actively kept me in the loop as to the status of the case, even when there hadn’t been any real changes. He communicated often and in a very prompt manner. Jason Roth is my attorney from now on. If anything ever comes up again, he’s the first man I’ll call and I know that even if he can’t help me, he’ll be honest enough to tell me before taking my money. I can’t recommend him enough.”



“Jason was very well versed in the type of law involved in our case. He was very responsive, professional and a great communicator. The outcome was very positive for us.”



“I have never worked with a more professional, courteous, and personable attorney. He is clearly very driven and willing to put forth as much effort as needed to resolve an issue. I had the privilege of working with Jason for over two years. I consider him my attorney for any and all legal issues that may arrive as long as he and I are both in the Kansas City area.”



“Jason negotiated a settlement with an insurance company over a fall on some dangerous stairs in an apartment complex. He was prompt, patient and effective. Good guy.”



“The saying, your life can change in a second, was certainly what happened the day of my auto accident. Dealing with the endless medical appointments, constant pain, and the emotional realization that I may never recover from the injuries, was difficult. Hiring Jason to handle the legal aspects of the accident made it possible for me to focus on getting well. He completely took over my case. I felt like Jason was always on top of everything. He went to bat for me and secured a generous settlement. There is absolutely no way that I could have navigated thru the complicated legal system without Jason. I highly recommend to anyone that finds themselves in a situation that requires the need for an attorney, to call Jason and turn your claim over to the expert.”



“When something is not your fault and yet affects your entire life and throws your life in to a different direction it is the most helpless feeling there is. I didn’t want to be someone who was out for anything because that is not my nature, but I wanted my life back. It would have been easy for me had it been caused my my actions or careless decisions, but it wasn’t. Hiring Jason Roth was the best decision I made. It took all the stress I was feeling away and allowed me to concentrate on moving my life back in the direction I wanted. I was able to trust him and greatly appreciated his honesty, even if I wasn’t going to like what he said. In the end, I was able to heal, physically and emotionally and continue to move forward in my life.”



“I was greeted with an assuring confidence that my case would receive the integrity and commitment it deserved and I must admit that I was very pleased ant the way I was treated and kept abreast of every development of my case.”



“I was involved in an accident and contacted Mr. Roth for input and advisement. He was extremely professional, personable and was very responsive to my needs while listening to all my input before giving me further guidance. He always provided me with quality advise and made calculated recommendations on my case. From the onset he always explained the whole process and procedures that we would be going through and was always accessible when I had questions or needed additional guidance. I was extremely pleased with him and the outcome on my case.”



“Jason is amazing! He really listened to us and went above and beyond with how he represented us. We are so thankful to have Jason on our side.”



“Jason Roth is an outstanding lawyer, his knowledge of the law is very impressive. He communicated with us every step of the way. He was patient with us making sure he answered all of our questions. He is an excellent negotiator, he was firm with the insurance company during our mediation proceedings. We truly felt he had our best interest at heart and it showed during the proceedings. He was very organized and well prepared. He went above and beyond to make sure we got what we needed to get our life back on track, for that we will be forever grateful to him. We truly feel like we were and still are represented by the very best. Because he is our lawyer for life.”



“Brandan did an excellent job in helping me get diversion for having marijuana posession as well as paraphernalia.”



“I hired Brandan back in July of 2015 for a serious possession charge I got stuck with and after 7 months of Court appearances and motions I could not be happier with the outcome of my charges. He took the time to research recent supreme court cases that were relevant to my charges and scenario and was able to present them to the court during a pretrial motion hearing which ultimately lead to my charges being dismissed entirely. He is a worry free lawyer that looks at all the options and only gets you involved when needed. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a serious criminal defense lawyer.”



“Brandan was helpful and friendly. He handled all my questions and everything on the case in a calm manner which helped me get through a stressful time. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer.”



“Brandan was very helpful throughout my case. He explained everything in a very easy to understand way and answered every question I had. He explained all the steps needed throughout the case and did a very good job at keeping me calm and not panic throughout the whole thing. I would definitely recommend him to a friend.”



“Mr. Davies is a good guy and an even better lawyer. I recently got into some trouble so I decided to give Brandan a call. After one meeting I felt comfortable enough to trust him with my case. One month later my case was done and the charges were completely taken off my record. I don’t think there is much else that needs to be said. If you are in some trouble do not hesitate to contact him, you wont regret it!”



“Brandan did everything it took to keep my violation off of my record. He succeeded. I would’ve liked more updates, but it the end, winning is all that matters. Thanks Brandan and I will definitely recommend people to you.”



“Brandan made my experience a lot more easier than expected. He made sure everything was in order and provided the upmost security on my behalf as his client. I highly recommend if anyone was in the sort of trouble I was in to go see/talk with him and have him there as your lawyer.”



“Brandan was my first experience with a lawyer, but I found him to be pleasant, honest, and good at explaining things in a way I could understand. He was also cognizant of his hourly rate and didn’t seem to rack up his time with me, which I appreciated. In my case, he even helped me plea down from a high level felony to misdemeanor charges without the stress or cost of a long jury trial. I would definitely recommend him to a friend or family member.”



“I was a client of Mr. Brandan Davies, and he handled my case very professionally! He was prompt, detail oriented, did many follow ups and resolved my case with the best outcome. I was very happy and satisfied with his services and would highly recommend him!”