Compliance with the FMCSRs is generally a shared responsibility among drivers and their employers. It is the responsibility of the motor carrier (employer) to make sure their drivers are in compliance with all of the relevant regulations. Every employer subject to regulations is required to be knowledgeable of and to comply with all regulations that apply to the company’s operation. This means that every driver and employee must be instructed and must comply with the regulations. When an employer is examining the regulations and determining which regulations are relevant to his or her company, the words “must, may, and shall” are often used. The words “must or shall” indicate that something must be done or a violation will result. On the other hand, the word “may” indicates that you are permitted to do something but it is not required. The FMCSA made it clear that these regulations are designed to be the minimum standard you must follow. Therefore, companies employing motor vehicle drivers are encouraged to adopt and enforce more rigorous requirements relating to vehicle safety and employee safety and health.

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