It is required that each driver record the driver’s duty of status for each 24-hour period using the methods described by the FMCSRs. A record duty of status is also known as a driver’s log. A driver can record the driver’s duty of status by using an electronic logging device (ELD), using an automatic on-board recording device that meets the requirement, or manually recording on a specific grid. In addition to the grid, the following must be included on the driver’s duty status record: (1) date; (2) total miles driving today; (3) truck or tractor and trailer number; (4) name of carrier; (5) driver’s signature/certification; (6) 24 hour period starting time; (7) main office address; (8) remarks (used to record the location of changes in duty status and other information relating to the driver’s daily activities. Duty status includes: off duty, sleeper berth, driving, and on duty.); (9) name of co-driver; (10) total hours spent in each duty status; and (11) shipping document number(s), or name of shopper and commodity.