If you've been convicted of a crime and you are meeting with your probation officer there are things you need to expect.  Obviously, the expectations of a probation officer are going to vary depending on the crime in which you were convicted and what court in which you were convicted in.  For example, if you were convicted of a Theft in Overland Park Municipal Court and put on Probation in Overland Park you will probably have less stringent probation requirements and expectations that if you were convicted of a DUI in Johnson County District Court.  That being said, there are some universal things to expect when you go for your first probation meeting.

  1. Expect To Be Tested For Drugs And Alcohol.  If you know you are going to be positive call ahead and see if you can reschedule the meeting. Nearly all probation contracts will say you cannot use drugs and alcohol while on probation. If you have a positive UA, most probation officers will report it to the court. New ETG tests can detect alcohol consumption for up to a week after you drank.

  2. Expect To Pay Some Money On Your Fines.  Most courts are going to order you to make periodic payments on your fines. Your probation officer will ask you to make a fine payment.

  3. Expect That Your Probation Officer Has Ran A Warrant Check On You.  Many probation officers will run a warrant check on you before you come in. Some will call law enforcment if you have an active warrant. So clear up your warrants before you go in.

  4. Expect To Be Questioned About Required Treatment.  If the Court required you to get into treatment, get a drug and alcohol evaluation, go to AA, do a particular class, etc. Be prepared to show your probation officer that you are complying with the Court’s order. If you haven’t gotten it done at least have it scheduled and be able to provide your probation officer with your date.

  5. Expect To Answer Questions About Employment And Home Life.  You may think it’s none of his or her business but it is. Most probation contracts require you to be employed and have a residence at a certain address. Make sure that everything you tell your probation officer lines up with the terms on that contract.