What is the law on Disorderly Conduct in Prairie Village Municipal Court?

The city of Prairie Village is like most cities in the Kansas City Metro. Prairie Village has a prosecutor, judge, municipal court and a set of laws that the city enforces. Those city laws are called city ordinances and when gathered together are referred to as the "city code." The Prairie Village city code governs nearly everything that goes on inside the city limits of Prairie Village. Whether it be building codes, signage on a business or even conduct the city wishes to criminalize, nearly everything is in the city code. Because the city code governs many different subjects it is expansive and can be cumbersome. Many cities like Prairie Village will adopt a set of prewritten codes to save the time, effort and cost associated with authoring and passing each individual city ordinance. The City of Prairie Village has adopted the Uniform Code for Kansas Municipalities. This Uniform Code prohibits Disorderly Conduct in Prairie Village This is the law against Disorderly Conduct in Prairie Village Municipal Court

Sec. 9.1. Disorderly Conduct.

(a) Disorderly conduct is one or more of the following acts that the person knows or should know will alarm, anger or disturb others or provoke an assault or other breach of the peace:

  1. Brawling or fighting;

  2. Disturbing an assembly, meeting or procession, not unlawful in its character; or

  3. Using fighting words or engaging in noisy conduct tending reasonably to arouse alarm, anger or resentment in others.

(b) Disorderly conduct is a Class C violation. (K.S.A. 21-6203)

Possible Punishment

*Class C Violations are punishable by up to 30 days in the Johnson County Jail, however, most Class C Violations are eligible for probation

You've been charged with Disorderly Conduct in Prairie Village Municipal Court, now what?

If you find yourself charged with a crime it's best to read up on the law. Knowing what the law is that the cops claim that you violated is always a good place to start. It is also important to read up on some of the commonly asked questions that people have when they are charged with disorderly conduct. Knowing as much about the law as you can will help you formulate good questions for your lawyer and help you present all possible defenses. The more knowledge you have the more comfortable you will be with the situation and how you can best navigate a positive resolution. After you've read the law, read the common questions associated with disorderly conduct and educated yourself, it's time to sit down with a lawyer and figure out how to get out of this mess. Remember to focus your time with your lawyer on legal questions but don't overlook questions that can only be answered by experience. Ask your lawyer how Prairie Village generally handles these types of cases, what has happened in similar cases that they have worked on and ask about the people and personalities in the court. Knowing how the Prairie Village Municipal Court works is just as important as knowing the law.