This is the current city ordinance prohibiting theft in Overland Park, Kansas.  This law is current as of 6/11/2021.

11.12.120 Theft.

Theft is any of the following acts done with intent to permanently deprive the owner of the possession, use or benefit of his property:

Obtaining or exerting unauthorized control over property; or

Obtaining by deception control over property; or

Obtaining by threat control over property; or

Obtaining control over property without the owner's consent knowing the property to have been obtained by another by acts described in this Section.

Every person convicted of violating this Section shall be imprisoned for not more than one year or fined not to exceed $2,500, or both such fine and imprisonment. Theft of property of the value of less than $1,500 is a Class A violation. Any theft that state law classifies as a felony, shall be referred to the District Attorney's office for prosecution.

Effective on: 7/1/2016; Current as of 6/11/2021