What is the law on Theft in Leawood Municipal Court?

The City of Leawood has adopted the Kansas Uniform Public Offense code for many of the laws that criminalize conduct in the City of Leawood. Theft is one of the uniform codes that the city has adopted. Here is a link to the Uniform Code but the specific part addressing Theft is listed below.

Sec. 6.1. Theft.

(a) Theft is any of the following acts done with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the possession, use or benefit of the owner’s property or services. (1) Obtaining or exerting unauthorized control over property or services;

(2) Obtaining control over property or services by deception;

(3) Obtaining control over property or services by threat;

(4) Obtaining control over stolen property or services knowing the property or services to have been stolen by another; or

(5) Knowingly dispensing motor fuel into a storage container or the fuel tank of a motor vehicle at an establishment in which motor fuel is offered for retail sale and leaving the premises of the establishment without making payment for the motor fuel.

(b) Theft of property or services of the value of less than $1,500 is a Class A violation.

Possible Punishment

*Class A Violations are punishable by up to 365 days in the Johnson County Jail, however, most Class A Violations are eligible for probation

What do I do if I'm charged with Theft in the Leawood Municipal Court?

You are already doing the correct thing, research. If you are charged with any type of crime it is best to spend some time researching your problem and understanding the law on the subject. Just reading the law on Theft in Leawood Municipal Court isn't enough to educate yourself. Take a look here for a more in-depth workup on Theft charges. Now that you understand the law, have done a deep dive into the law, possible defenses and what the city has to prove, it's time to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer that has experience with theft cases in Leawood. Use the information you have gathered to ask good questions as well as rely on the experience of your lawyer.