What is the law on Battery in Leawood Municipal Court?

The City of Leawood has adopted the Kansas Uniform Public Offense code for many of the laws that criminalize behavior in the City of Leawood. Battery is one of the uniform codes that the City of Leawood has adopted from the Uniform Code. Here is a link to the Uniform Code but the specific part addressing Battery is listed below.

Sec. 3.1. Battery.

(a) Battery is:

(1) Knowingly or recklessly causing bodily harm to another person; or

(2) Knowingly causing physical contact with another person when done in a rude, insulting or angry manner.

(b) Battery is a Class B violation. (K.S.A. 21-5413)

What do I do if I'm charged with Battery in the Leawood Municipal Court?

You are already doing the right thing, researching your problem. If you are charged with any type of crime it is best to spend some time researching your problem and understanding the law on that particular subject. Just reading the law on Battery in Leawood Municipal Court isn't really enough to fully educate yourself on the subject. It is important to take a look here for a more comprehensive review of Battery to fully understand the law, including possible defenses and what the city has to prove. After you've done your homework it's time to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer that has experience dealing with Battery cases in Leawood Municipal Court. Use the information you have gathered to ask good questions as well as rely on the experience of your lawyer.