House Arrest involves a philosophy of strictly limiting a client’s movements through the use of electronic monitoring. House Arrest is available to all courts- both municipal and district levels. Clients on house arrest are charged a daily fee to cover the costs of the monitoring equipment. Payments are accepted in the form of money orders or credit cards.

If you are on House Arrest you are subject to random urinalysis and breath analysis testing. If you have a minor violations while on house arrest sometimes it can be handled internally with your house arrest officer. If you have a major violation while on house arrest they are submitted to the courts in the form of a memo or a motion to revoke.

What kind of equipment does House arrest use in Johnson County?Johnson County uses three different devices to monitor people that are on house arrest. Each device has different capabilities and limitations and different costs associated with its use. Below are a list of the devices and their capabilities.

  • Scramx:

    • Transdermal Alcohol Testing.

    • There are no photos or manual breathalyzers.

    • Can monitor curfew and schedules.

  • Soberlink:

    • Breath Alcohol Testing.

    • Provides photo verification.

    • Can be used in conjunction with Gryphex RF or GPS.

    • Utilizes client’s cell phone via text to alert when a test needs to be submitted.

    • Can be mobile.

    • Gives GPS point location where each test is taken.

  • Gryphex-RF/GPS

    • Can monitor just for curfew/RF.

    • Can be set for GPS tracking.

    • Can locate client location within seconds in either function.

    • Can be used with or without the typical House Arrest schedule.

    • Capability to retroactively investigate client whereabouts at later dates regardless of function.

What are the requirements to go on house arrest in Johnson County?House Arrest clients must have an active cell phone or landline. Clients must have electricity in their residence for completing House Arrest. House arrest must be approved by the court and you must not owe any money for previous stints on house arrest or they will not accept you for new sentences on house arrest.

Are there any special instructions for Juveniles that wish to be on House Arrest?Once a client has been ordered to the House Arrest Program by a Judge of the District Court, an appointment must be made before a client will be released from JDC. The client will be released 30 minutes prior to the schedule appointment from JDC to the Parents/Guardians. The client must report to the Youth and Family Services Center to be placed on House Arrest immediately following release.

Is there anything else I need to know about House Arrest in Johnson County?Clients serving 10 days or less are required to pay fees up front at intake. Clients ordered to SCRAM must pay the first week’s fees up front and pay ahead while on the program. Clients with outstanding balances owed to Community Corrections may be denied until payment arrangements are made (applies to municipal and bond cases).