If you've been arrested in Johnson County you may be placed on Pretrial supervision as a condition of bond.  Pretrial supervision is a level of supervision that a judge may make a person accused of a crime be subjected to as a condition to that person being allowed bond. Individuals placed on pretrial supervision are required but not limited to the following:

  1. You must contact their pretrial supervision officer within 24 hours of release from custody. (Do not confuse the pretrial supervision officer with a bail bondsman, they perform different functions in the legal system.)

  2. You must not own or possess a firearm.

  3. You must not ingest alcohol/illegal drugs or frequent places that serve alcohol for consumption. Other restrictions may apply.

  4. You must not violate the laws of this state or any other jurisdiction.

  5. You must continue to be supervised until the case is resolved or the judge releases you from supervision.

  6. When on pretrial supervision you are required to attend all court hearings, unless otherwise notified. You should arrive at the court house at least 30 minutes prior to your court hearing in case as the security line is long. You cannot bring any weapons into the court house. When you enter the courtroom, you should turn off your cell phone.

After court, if you do not have an appointment with your Pretrial Supervision Officer, you must contact them for a court update. If you cannot reach your officer, leave a message with your name, your case number, when your next court hearing is, and any changes in your bond conditions.

What do you do when you have been released from custody and have been granted pretrial supervision?Call 913-715-7535 within 24 hours of your released and leave a message with your name, your case number, and a number which you can be reached. Your officer will contact you with the number given on your message, to schedule your initial appointment.

Why was I placed on pretrial supervision?The judge deemed it necessary for you to be supervised while on pretrial status due to your specific situation (your charges, criminal history, etc.). The goal of supervision is to have you attend all court hearings and follow all condition of bond.

When do I get off pretrial supervision?When your case has been resolved (placed on diversion, convicted and sentenced, found not guilty, dismissed et. cetera). You can also be released off pretrial supervision at the request of your lawyer and if the judge allows you to be taken off pretrial services then you will be taken off.

What do I need for my first meeting with pretrial services?

  • A picture ID if you possess one.

  • $20 for an initial urinalysis.

  • Verification of any prescription medications you take.

What happens if I am placed on House Arrest as well as Pretrial Supervision?If you are ordered to be monitored with a CAM alcohol bracelet per your pretrial conditions, you will need to report to house arrest immediately after your release. This contact is NOT your court services contact, so be sure to call 913-715-7535 and leave a message in addition to reporting to house arrest.

House arrest is located at 141 Mission Parkway, New Century, KS 66031. Their phone number is 913-715-6400. Every week you will need to go to the house arrest office to download the information from the CAM bracelet. If the judge assigns CAM as a condition of pretrial release, only the judge can release the CAM condition.