In Kansas, there is a mandatory jail sentence for every DUI conviction. A judge will sentence an individual to at least 48 hours in jail if they are found guilty or if they have plead guilty, even if it is their first DUI. When a defendant has been convicted of a first time DUI is sentenced to 48 hours in jail and desires an alternative to County jail, the CWIP Program comes into play. If the judge allows it, the CWIP can be a substitute for the county jail. The CWIP Program is a two-day supervised stay at a pre-approved facility, generally a hotel, where participants undergo drug and alcohol counseling. Although the CWIP facility is not a jail, you will get jail time credit for participating. There is also another benefit. Usually, the drug and alcohol counseling that a defendant undergoes at the CWIP facility will satisfy their probation term’s drug and alcohol counseling requirement. Ask your attorney if the jurisdiction you are in approves of the CWIP program.

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