Brandan Davies Best DUI LawyerIf you've been charged with a DUI case in Johnson County or one of the Municipal Courts in Johnson County you probably have questions.  On this page you can find the answers to most questions that are commonly asked when a person accused of a DUI comes into our office for a consultation.  Remember, the information on this website is not a substitute for sitting down with an experienced DUI lawyer to discuss your case.  What may be accurate information on how to handle a DUI case in one city may be completely different in another city.  One judge or prosecutor may handle cases in a different manner than another judge or prosecutor.  It is vital that you speak with a DUI lawyer that practices often in the geographical area in which you received your charge.  The DUI Lawyers in our firm practice almost exclusively in Johnson County, Kansas and the municipal courts within Johnson County: Overland Park, Olathe, Gardner, Mission, Lenexa, Shawnee, Merriam, Prairie Village, Mission Hills and Leawood.

The trouble with alcohol is that it not only impairs your ability to move your body and reduces your reaction time to a given stimulus, but it alters your ability to make rational good decisions. This alteration of your decision making ability is what leads people to mistakenly get behind the wheel when they shouldn't. People from all walks of life find themselves charged with a DUI in Johnson County for just this reason. Also, law enforcement is hyper focused on arresting anyone they suspect of DUI. The days of, "This guy has had a couple" but "Let's call someone to give him a ride and not arrest him" are over. Officers and police departments seek additional governmental funds to run saturation patrols and DUI checkpoints. DUI arrests are not only sought after but tallied and become a badge of honor for some officers. Many police departments take a stance of, "get them off the street and let the court figure it out" when it comes to DUI arrests.

That's where hiring a good dui lawyer comes in. Whether you did have one to many to drink or you believe you may be caught up with an officer who takes a the approach of arrest everyone and let the court sort it out, a good dui lawyer is vital to asserting your rights. DUI law is one of the most everchanging and technical areas of the law as a whole. Having a good DUI Lawyer that stays up to date with specialized training and developments in the law is vital to getting a just result. Knowing the law is only half the battle, a good dui lawyer must also know the actors. Knowing how a certain court or prosecutor handles a DUI case is also vitally important to preserving your rights.

The DUI attorneys at Roth Davies, LLC have built this comprehensive site designed to help answer many of the questions that come up when someone is charged with a DUI charge. We fight DUI cases, we take DUI cases to trial and we help people when they are facing an unjust DUI charge.