How serious is a Criminal Trespass case in Kansas?

In Kansas, almost all crimes are ranked in severity levels. To understand how serious a criminal trespass crime is you need to have a better understanding of the entire system. Here is how it works, there are three groups of what most people consider crimes, Felony crimes, Misdemeanor crimes and infractions. Each one of those groups have subgroups.

Felony Crimes-

  1. Off Grid Felony- These are the most serious crimes like Murder and Rape.

  2. Drug Crimes- These are crimes involving drugs. They rank in severity from 1-5. Severity level one being the most serious and five the least serious.

  3. Non-Drug Crimes– These are crimes that do not involve drugs. They rank in severity from 1-10. Severity level one being the most serious.

Misdemeanor Crimes-Class A- These are the most serious misdemeanor cases. Examples are Theft, Second Time DUI, Telephone Harassment

Class B- These are the second most serious misdemeanor cases. Examples are DUI, Driving on a Suspended License, Domestic Battery and Criminal Trespass.

Class C- These are the lowest level of misdemeanor crimes. Examples include Disorderly Conduct and driving without a seatbelt.

Infractions– Infractions technically are not crimes, however this is the most common result of a person’s interaction with law enforcement. Infractions are speeding tickets, running a red light and things of that nature. Infractions are not punishable with jail time. Most of the time they result in a fine.

How Much Trouble Am I In When Charged With Criminal Trespass?  It varies widely depending on the jurisdiction you are in, your criminal history and the facts surrounding your charge. The absolute worst punishment you can receive is 6 months in jail, however, that is very uncommon. Even in “bad cases” the defendant does not usually receive in custody time. There are also other consideration when facing a criminal trespass charge like minimizing the damage to your criminal record. If you find yourself facing a charge for criminal trespass you need to sit down with an experienced criminal defense lawyer and discuss your case.