Attorney Brandan J. Davies


Brandan Davies May 26, 2020

Why are some lawyers more expensive than other lawyers?

The answer to that is pretty simple. It’s supply and demand. If a lawyer is skilled, if a lawyer has a wide breath of knowledge on a specific area, if they have a lot of trial experience, if there are a lot of people that value the skills that the lawyer has and wants access to that lawyer, then the price for that lawyer is going to be more expensive than a lawyer that doesn’t have those skills or doesn't have that reputation. You have to be cognizant when you are hiring a lawyer that you want those skills but you also have to do that within the confines of your budget or ability to pay. With almost any criminal defense case, you are going to find somebody that is going to do it for a low rate and you are going to have somebody that does it for a very high rate. In general, you are going to get what you pay for. For someone that is in a high demand there is usually a reason for that. That person is recognized as having a good reputation, skilled at their craft and is going to command a higher price. That doesn’t mean that someone who is charging a low rate is a bad lawyer. They just might not have the reputation yet for being exemplary in their profession.

What you are going to do is sit down with multiple lawyers whenever you are considering hiring somebody. So that you can get a good idea of the skills necessary to help you with your case and to get you the best result and where you can fit within a budget that you're able to spend on that case. One more thing to remember, just because someone is the most expensive lawyer doesn't mean they are the best lawyer for you. It may not mean they have the best client communication, it might not mean they are going to actually care about your case. It might not mean that they have the specific knowledge to be able to attain you the best result. You need to do an evaluation yourself. Sit down and talk to the person, look at their reviews online. Look at every piece of information you can, that is credible, whenever you are hiring that lawyer.