What type of visitation plan will be in place for a person whom travels a lot or lives out of town?

What parenting plans are used for parties that travel a lot out of town for work? That is a difficult question to answer and it depends on the facts of the case. If you are traveling a lot, or 50% of time, you may only have parenting time when you are physically in town and giving the other parents notice. If you have a reoccurring schedule, then you might be able to make up some of that time in the summer, for example. Each parenting plan is crafted into the best interest of the children. Seeing both parents frequently is often encouraged. But if you are not physically in town, other resources may be available such as FaceTime, Zoom session, Skpying, etc. Spending as much time with the children as possible, even if it is remotely, is in the best interest.

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