What should you expect when talking to a DUI defense lawyer for the first time about a DUI case?

If you are charged with a DUI and you are seeking out a lawyer, what should you expect when you walk into that lawyer’s office?

By the time you walk into that lawyer’s office and by the time you leave that office you should expect to be calmed down. You should expect to be given honest answers. You should expect to have that lawyer listen to the facts of your case. Generally when a person comes in with a DUI, unless they have had multiple DUI’s, it is usually a very trying time in which they don't know the questions to ask. A lot of times your lawyer should take the lead and say this is the things you need to know, let me talk to you about the courts in Kansas and how they work, let me tell about which court you are in and what it is like. Let me tell you about the charges in which you are facing, how serious are there? What can happen to you if you lose the case. Let me know talk to you about your driver’s license. Tell you about how the driver’s license hearing works, what can happen at the driver's license hearing, what evidence can be presented. What is the worst case scenario for your driver’s license if this things goes south for you. You want your lawyer to give you the information you need but also take the information that you were giving them and digest it. In other words, listen to you. You want the lawyer to listen to you because that is your best resource for your lawyer is the client. Remember your lawyer wasn't out on the side of road that night. Your lawyer wasn’t arrested for a DUI. You were. You have all the knowledge on what happened, all the surrounding facts, and you need to be able to convey that knowledge to your lawyer but then also have your lawyer listen to the information you are providing so they can seek out the best avenues to get you out of this trouble.

If you are sitting down with a DUI lawyer and you walk out of their office you should have more information than when you walked in the office. You should have less questions than whenever you walked in the office. You should have less angst about what is going to happen to you. You should have a feeling when you walk out of the office that things are going to be okay. Or at least you are going to have an idea what the worst case scenario is. Whether the facts are good, bad or ugly, whether the possible outcomes are good, bad or ugly. When you walk out of the DUI lawyer’s consult you need to have a weight lifted off your shoulders. You’ve gotten the information you needed and you no longer uneducated on this particular subject.

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