Attorney Brandan J. Davies

What it’s like to go to Jail in Johnson County, Kansas

By Brandan Davies Jan. 26, 2023

Going to jail can be a stressful and traumatic experience, especially for those who have never been incarcerated before. It can be difficult to adjust to the strict rules and regulations of jail life, and being separated from loved ones can be emotionally challenging.

Upon arriving at jail, individuals will typically go through an intake process which includes being searched, fingerprinted, and photographed. They will also be given a medical examination and may be required to undergo testing for drugs and infectious diseases. After the intake process is complete, the individual will be assigned a cell or bunk and given a set of jail-issued clothes to wear.

One of the most difficult aspects of jail for many people is the lack of privacy. In most jail facilities, individuals are housed in large cells or dormitories with dozens of other inmates. They may have to share a cell with one or more roommates, and there is little opportunity for solitude. Inmates are also typically required to follow strict schedules and are only allowed to leave their cells for limited periods of time.

Meals in jail are often not very appetizing and may not meet an individual's dietary needs or preferences. Inmates are usually given three meals a day, but the food is often of poor quality and lacks variety. It is not uncommon for inmates to lose weight while in jail due to the lack of access to nourishing food.

Jail can be a dangerous place, and there is always the risk of violence and confrontations with other inmates. Gangs and cliques can be prevalent in jail, and individuals may feel pressure to align themselves with a particular group for protection. Those who are perceived as weak or vulnerable may be targeted by other inmates, and it is not uncommon for prisoners to be subjected to physical or mental abuse by one another.

Inmates are not allowed to have cell phones or other electronic devices, and communication with the outside world is strictly limited. They may be able to make collect calls to their loved ones, but these calls are often expensive and are typically limited to a few minutes in duration. Inmates may also be able to send and receive letters, but these are often censored and may take several days to be delivered.

Adjusting to life in jail can be especially difficult for those who are accustomed to a high level of freedom and independence. The strict rules and regulations of jail can be frustrating, and the lack of privacy and personal space can be overwhelming. It is not uncommon for inmates to experience feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety while in jail.

For those who are facing a lengthy sentence, the prospect of spending years in jail can be daunting. It can be difficult to maintain hope and stay positive when faced with the reality of a long-term incarceration. However, there are often resources available to inmates to help them cope with the challenges of jail life. Many jail facilities offer education and rehabilitation programs to help inmates improve their prospects for the future and reduce their risk of reoffending.

Overall, going to jail can be a challenging and difficult experience. It is important for individuals to have a support system and access to resources that can help them navigate the challenges of jail life and prepare for their eventual release.