• DO NOT Try To Strike A Deal With The Police.   Contrary to popular belief the police do not have the ability to negotiate with you. Decisions on charging you with a crime and deciding what happens to you is largely up to the prosecutor.
  • DO NOT Try To Explain Yourself Or Talk Yourself Out Of Trouble.   Nobody talks themselves out of trouble. You will only hurt your case and your lawyer’s ability to fight it. Keep your mouth shut. You might get arrested but you’ll be glad you didn’t incriminate yourself.
  • DO NOT Trust A Word A Police Officer Says.   Officers are trained to lie to you to get you to incriminate yourself. Don’t fall for it. Just repeat this phrase. “I do not wish to be questioned without a lawyer present.”
  • DO NOT Give Your Consent To Search Anything.If the police want to search something they are going to search it. But your lawyer will have a lot easier time keeping evidence excluded at trial if you don’t consent to the search.
  • DO NOT Resist Or Struggle With The Officer In Any Way.   Even if you are completely innocent and the office is making a mistake, if you struggle with the officer you will pick up another charge.
  • DO NOT Give A False Name.   If you give an officer a false name you will get charged with another crime.
  • DO NOT ADMIT To Anything.  Even if you are caught red handed, making any admissions will make the case easier to prove against you. Just because you may have broken the law does not mean you will get a conviction. Thousands of people have winning cases that get sunk every year because they admitted to something during the arrest.

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