Overland Park Divorce Lawyer answers: Who gets the dog or cat after a divorce?

There are many different questions that hang over our head when contemplatinga divorce.  Who gets the house? How will our retirement be divided up? How much time will I get with my children?  One of the most common and concerning questions that faces a couple with pets are; How are pets treated in a divorce?

More people own pets in the United States than have ever before. As some of you might have pets, many consider pets to be akin to children. That being said, the judge does not see pets as children and they do not order parenting plans for pets. Cats and dogs and other pets are generally treated as personal property and they are given a fair market value in the event there is a disagreement over who should retain them after a divorce. If you have a working relationship with your spouse, try working on some sort of custodial arrangement for the dogs and cats. The judge won’t order it but you can always enter into a plan yourself.  If you try to maintain a cordial relationship with your soon-to-be ex it is generally beneficial for maintianing access to a dog or cat after a divorce.

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