Overland Park Divorce Lawyer answers: What Is Mediation and How Will That Impact My Family Law Case?

Hi, my name is Lauren Fields. I’m an attorney on the domestic litigation team at Roth Davies. Today I am going to answer some common questions asked to attorneys in divorce cases. What is mediation and how will that impact my family law case? Mediation is often ordered in cases involving children. A mediator is a private individual, third party, who is neutral and tries to get the parties to come to an agreement in a divorce or custody case. This often means that this mediator will sit down with both parties and try to get them to come to an agreement. If there are any issues of abuse or it is a very contested case, sometimes mediators will have the parties be in separate rooms and the mediator will travel from room to room to try to resolve the case. If mediation fails that is okay because the process is confidential and private and only if you reached an agreement will the agreement reach the judge.

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