Learn with a Lawyer - Your dress conveys as much respect as your words.

Remember that your attire your dress conveys as much respect as your words. I see this happen quite often in court, someone comes into court and they’re just completely not dressed for the situation. They are wearing their pajama bottoms and a t-shirt or sandals something of that nature, and they are in court getting ready to be sentenced on a case. You must remember that your dress communicates just as much as your words. Regardless what happens if you go up to the judge in that situation for your sentencing and you show up in pajama bottoms, they are going to think you’re not taking it seriously. Plus, you are a lot more likely to get some negative outcome. You need to dress for the situation. This also translates over into your personal life. Obviously, you need to dress for the situation in which you are in. If you are at a job interview, you probably need to be wearing a suit and tie. If you dress for the situation, it is one less hurdle that you must overcome to get a positive result in whatever endeavor you are dealing with.

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