Learn with a Lawyer - YOU are the only person holding YOU back from achieving your goals.

You are the only person holding you back. In the legal profession that maxim is a hundred percent true. The only person that’s holding you back is yourself. If you want to get somewhere, you want to develop some area of the law, you want to work on some specific case, you want to advance your client's cause, the only person holding you back is you. If you need extra time to do that, sacrifice, make extra time. Weigh out whether your goal is worth the free time you must give up to achieve that goal. The only person that will stop you is you. This also translates over into all avenues of your life, whether it’s’ a business relationship or a professional relationship. If you want something all you must do is prioritize and you will be able to obtain that thing, if you are willing to work hard enough. You are the only person holding you back.

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