Learn with a Lawyer - Try to see the POSITIVE in every situation

Try to see the positive in nearly every situation. That’s’ a very difficult thing to do and a very easy thing to say. As a legal practitioner you are going to come across something that hurts your case, you are going to have your client do something that you wish they wouldn’t have done, that’s going to make your job harder. You must be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel; you must be able to take a negative fact and spin it into a positive. Now you’re not going to be able to do that every single time, but at least looking at every new factor that comes in and trying to see how you can mold that to fit your case, how you can mold that fact to advance your cause or your position. That is a critical ability of a good lawyer. Then also in your personal life, things are going to happen that are bad, things are going to happen that you are not happy with. If you get too focused on all the bad things that are happening, you are going to miss out on the good things. So, try to seek the good in almost any situation and you are going to b a lot better off for it.

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