Learn with a Lawyer: Think about your Case, force your opponent to make a mistake.

Think about your case, really think about it. As a lawyer in your case you need to think on how your actions will have some sort of consequence on the outcome of your case down the road. You ideally want to put the other side in a situation in which they have a choice and both the choices that they have, or both outcomes of their choice, negatively impact their case. Then you want to craft your entire case around that. So they are in a situation in which they can’t win, and then you get to play off of their inadequacies and how they can’t win. Now this also translates to your personal life as well, you don’t have to be thinking about your case. Just think about your actions and how those actions will impact you and limit your choices down the road. If you critically think about the decisions, you are going to make you are always going to have a better outcome.




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