Learn with a Lawyer - Stop Making EXCUSES for not meeting deadlines.

Often it takes as much energy to accomplish the goal as it does to make up an excuse as to why you can’t accomplish a goal. I see this all the time in the legal community. Someone has a deadline, someone has something they need to do, and they just come up with an excuse as to why they can’t get it done, as opposed to getting it done. Rarely are there things in life in which you don’t just sit down and devote your time and energy and focus to something you can’t get it done under a reasonable deadline. It’s the people who spend as much energy trying to get around those deadlines or push back work, who are the ones who fail. It’s the people like that, the ones who fail who just spend as much time and effort trying to get around having to do work as they would have just doing the work. So aside from your legal life, in all facets of your life be the person who gets the job done. Don’t be the person who spends as much effort making excuses on why they didn’t get the job done.

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