Learn with a Lawyer - Stop being Hard on Yourself.

Stop being so hard on yourself, there is no one in this world that is perfect. Someone is going to make a mistake including yourself. Every legal problem generally comes about because someone made a mistake. So, you need to rise above that, you need to realize you are not perfect and then don’t be so hard on yourself. Even in your legal profession, if you make a mistake on a case or you do something that negatively impacts your case. You need to be able to put those things in the past, and move on and make good decisions going forward, you can’t dwell on a mistake. Same thing when you are advocating for a client or you are just talking to a client you need to reinforce the client not to be so hard on themselves. I’m sure they have some sort of mistake, put themselves in some situation that led them to you. Don’t let them dwell on that mistake, don’t let them dwell on the situation that they put themselves in that caused the situation to arise. You have to remember to just stop being so hard on yourself.

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