Learn with a Lawyer - Sometime its not wise to be the first person to try something new.

Sometimes its not wise to be the first guy out of the gate. What I mean by that is, sometimes there is developing areas of the law that change. Things that were once illegal are now legal. Sometimes its an extreme advantage to be the first guy out of the gate, then other times it has grave consequences. You might not want to be the first person to get busted for marijuana, whenever a state passes a medical marijuana law. Because you don’t know how it’s going to apply, and you don’t want to be right on the line of what is legal and not legal. Sometimes it makes sense to let somebody else to take the risk and then follow in their stead once it’s been sorted out. This applies also in your personal life, risks can be good, but then unnecessary risks with unknown or dramatic outcomes can be risks that are not worth taking. Before you jump into the fray on some new developing area in your profession, you need to be calculated and see what are the consequences that might happen if you are wrong.

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