Learn with a Lawyer - Send a CONFIRMATION email when you get a problem worked out.

Send a confirmation email when you get a deal worked out. Now whenever you agree to any type of resolution of any issue with another party, another lawyer, you need to sit down and send them an email. That says, on this date we agreed to solve this problem in this way, please get back with me if there is a misunderstanding. That way if there is ever any misinterpretation or any miscommunication, you are going to be able to go back and rely on that email and say no we worked this out on this date, look at the terms I sent you. Now this translates over into your non-legal life. If you have some sort of problem, some sort of conflict and you get it resolved, it is best to memorialize that resolution, because you don’t want to have somebody changing their mind and then not have anything in writing.

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