Attorney Brandan J. Davies


Brandan Davies Feb. 28, 2020

Play chess when everyone else is playing checkers. This is something you must do as a lawyer. Now what I mean by this is, some people get a case and they process it in a certain way. I’m going to do A, B, I’m going to do C, and then D, and I’m eventually going to get a result. You can’t think like that, those are people that are playing checkers. What a person playing chess does is looks at the evidence in their case. They look at weaknesses in that evidence, but then also looks at weaknesses in the system. They look at all different types of ancillary factors, and they use those things to figure out the calculus of risk and how they are going to make decisions on a case. I will give you an example. A person that gets a theft case or a criminal case let’s say, and they are playing checkers, is going to go in and get discovery, look at that discovery, and see whether their client did or didn’t do it. They are going to evaluate a risk and then they are going to tell their client. Then they are going to decide an outcome, whether that’s going to trial or whether that’s a plea. A person that is playing checkers is going to get that same case, they are going to look at all the evidence, and they are going to see if the prosecutor turned over all the evidence. Then they are going to look at that evidence and try to evaluate the non-legal contributors to weather the outcome of their case. Like for example, say a witness is in the military and you know they are going to be diploid. Or say you know the officer on the case, just left the department and moved across the state. The people that are playing chess take those factors into consideration, then they base their decisions with all the information they possibly can. If a person is playing checkers, they are going to get a good result sometimes, if a person is playing chess, they are going to get a good result a lot more often. Now this also plays into your personal life as well. What it really means is you need to look at any decision as if its going to have a big outcome on your life, then you need to take into consideration all the factors you possible can when making that decision. Then make good decisions with all that information as opposed to just relying on A plus B = C all the time.