Learn with a Lawyer -Never put yourself in a situation to have your integrity questioned.

Don’t put yourself in a situation to have your integrity questioned, This happens pretty often in the legal community, you will get some sort of deal worked out with the prosecutor and you will set it over to a new court date to get the case resolved. Then you will walk in that day and there will be a different prosecutor. Now some lawyers will try to get the same deal and say well I talked to such and such and they gave me this deal. Now if that deal was an especially good deal, an extra good result for your client, something that is atypical, that the court normally wouldn’t do, the prosecutor normally wouldn’t do. That’s going to bring your integrity into question. Then that new prosecutor is going to have to rely on your words and they are going to have to weigh out whether you are a truthful person or not. Don’t put yourself in that situation. What you do in that case is, you walk in and you say, Oh, I don’t see the prosecutor that I got this deal worked out with. So, I’m either going to try and communicate with them or I am going to just set the case over until I can get something in writing from that prosecutor saying that this positive result is what their recommendation is. Don’t put yourself in situations in which your integrity can be questioned. Secondly, this translates over into your personal life as well, if you have worked out a deal with somebody, and the deal must change at the last minute. Or you’ve worked out some sort of relationship with someone and you are relying on that relationship to get you a positive result, just wait. There is always more time, just make sure you get in contact with the person you originally worked out the deal with, and then you don’t have to put your integrity in question trying to convince a new person to abide by the terms of a deal you got worked out with someone else.

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