Learn with a Lawyer: Never let your Client be SURPRISED in Court!


Never let your client be surprised when they walk into court. This is an easy thing to do if you really think about it, and all it comes down to is just a little bit of preparation. Now it doesn’t matter if it’s a hearing, whether it’s a hearing in which a person is just getting a new date, going in sitting down, and waiting on their case to be called to get a new date or if it’s a trial.  If you take a little bit of time to explain to your client what’s going to happen in court, even if the consequences are negative, even if something bad is going to happen when you walk into court. If you sit down and prepare your client for it, they will have a lot less angst when they walk into court. Everything is going to be easier, there will be a lot less stress. If you just sit down and prepare with your client and convey the information that they need when they walk into court, so they’re not surprised. Your clients are going to be happier and you’re going to be happier. Your life is going to be a lot less stressed and so will theirs. Now this translates over into all different areas, whether you are a lawyer or a plumber. If you talk to your client beforehand, and say this is what’s going to happen, yes there is going to be some water on the floor, yes there is going to be a clog, yes this is going to cost this much money, then that person is prepared. They’re not surprised, they know what is going to happen, and when things go the way you say they are going to go, people trust you more. People rely on you more. Always, always, always, make sure that your client does not get surprised in court.

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