Learn with a Lawyer - Listen to your COMPETITORS!

Listen to your competitors. Now so many people fall under the trap of, if you’re not doing it my way, if you’re not doing it the way I do it then it’s not the right way. In the legal community that can’t, be farther from the truth. What you want to do, is you want to get out and talk to your competitors, talk to the people that are in the same business you are, and just listen see what information you can glean from either their mistakes or their triumphs. Someone says I dealt with the prosecutor this specific way in this court, and I got my client a great outcome. That is information that you can utilize to help your clients. Or the inverse of that, say your competitor says I spent my adverting dollars on this, and it didn’t work at all. Well whenever you are spending your advertising dollars, you can take that as a factor into consideration whenever you are going to do something like that. This also translates over into your personal life and your business life. All these things, all the information that you can get before you decide on virtually anything is useful. You just must give it the right credibility, so you are going to have to assess that as information you are getting from a competitor. Give it a value, and then assign that value to a trustworthiness, then whenever you are figuring out your calculus of how you are going to decide, weigh all those factors into consideration.

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