Learn with a Lawyer - Keep a GOSSIP close by, you never know when you can use them to your advantage

Keep a blabber mouth close by. Now everyone knows one, somebody that’s a gossip, likes to talk, who can’t keep a secret. You need to remember that some people will try to distance themselves from people like that. A person like that you want to keep right by your side. Because you never know what information you are going to get from them, and then you never know what information you could disperse through them to gain yourself an advantage. Now this happens in the legal community, it also happens in your personal life. If you have somebody that is a gossip you want to be able to utilize that to your advantage. Maybe you want a raise at work, well maybe you can mention to the gossip that you are interviewing with another company. You want to be able to think strategically, about how you can use a blabber mouth to your advantage.

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