Learn with a Lawyer - If you're going to take a SHOT at the KING you better not miss.

This is some advice I got from an older lawyer one time. It’s “if you are going to take a shot at the king you better not miss.” Now what this means is, there is consequences to your actions at some point. If you are going to go tooth and nail fighting somebody, in which the power dynamic is going to shift dramatically if you lose, you sure better be right. Example I would give of this is, say you are going to file a motion to suppress in a criminal case but if you don’t win the suppression issue you’re going to have alienated the prosecutor dramatically and they are going to be very difficult to deal with after that. You need to take this into your calculus of risk whenever you are deciding whether you want to take that shot at the king at all. This translates over into your personal life as well. The example I will give for this is, if you are unhappy with your boss, he’s done something to offend you and you are going to go above their head and tell on them. Well you sure better be right, you sure better plan on whatever you are going to communicate to the higher ups is going to get your boss terminated. Because if you don’t their going to have negative consequences to you. You need to remember that power dynamic when you are making decisions.

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