Learn with a Lawyer- If you can't help someone DON'T TAKE THEIR MONEY!

If you can’t help someone don’t take their money. I see this all the time in the legal community, where a person will have a simple matter, a traffic ticket they want to get taken care of. Though it just so happens that they are not able to get their traffic ticket fixed in a specific jurisdiction. Well some lawyers will go ahead and take their money, and say “well, give me two hundred dollars and I’ll see what I can do.” Knowing that they can’t do anything. If you as lawyer are up front with that person, if they call you and say “hey I’ve got this problem” and you say, I know that you cannot get it resolved and you can not get the result you are wanting to. Don’t take that person’s money. They are going to appreciate your honesty and they are going to look to you in the future if they ever have further legal need. This also translates over into your personal life and it just means be honest whenever you can’t help somebody. Whether you are a carpenter or a plumber or a lawyer or whatever. If you can’t help the customer, then don’t take their money. It’s ok to refer them to somebody you think may be able to help them, but if you can’t help them or if there is no solution to their problem. Don’t just take their money and say you’ll try.

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