Learn with a Lawyer - Have some Humility. Be a gracious winner.

Have some humility. The legal system and the way it functions is there is generally on almost all legal cases a winner and there a loser. Sometimes it is not as clear cut as that but in general that is how it shakes out. You must remember that you display your character just as much as when you win, as when your loose. If things go right for you in your case, if you win your case, don’t rub it in on the other side. You are going to have to deal with them at a latter date. You are going to have some other case where you might not be the beneficiary of good facts or good law. So, don’t rub it in when you win. This translates over into your personal life as well. If you have some personal success at someone else’s expense, don’t rub it in. All you are going to do is alienate that person, and then whenever you must deal with them in the future, and they won’t be as friendly or they won’t be as willing to help you out if you ever need it. So, try to win with grace.,

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