Learn with a Lawyer - Give other people a break when it doesn't impact your case.


Give other lawyers a break when it doesn’t directly impact your case. Now the legal system is fraught with deadlines. Virtually everything has a deadline, a due date and there is going to be at some point a problem. Whether opposing council gets sick, whether they are just super busy, and they need some more time on a motion deadline or a discovery deadline. Whenever that kind of thing happens, you need to do unto others as you would have done to you. Give the time when it doesn’t directly impact your case. If someone needs another two weeks to file their motion, it isn’t going to be a difference between winning and losing in your case, give that person the time. The reason is because there will be a time when you need the help, there will be a time when you are sick or someone is sick in your family and you need to push back a deadline. People will remember the professional courtesy that you gave to them when they needed it. This also translates over into your personal life. If you have some situation at work in which a party needs to have more time, if you can accommodate, do your best to accommodate. Because when ever you need the help, whenever you need the courtesy they will remember that and they will give it to you.

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