Learn with a Lawyer: Exploit Weaknesses in the System

Exploit weaknesses in the system. In every complicated system, whether it is the legal system or some system you may have at work, there is going to be weaknesses in the system. There is going to be a bottleneck in the system. If you sit back and observe these weaknesses, you can take advantage of them. This is an example I would give in the legal system. Some courts have difficulties getting witnesses in. They have problems going out and getting witnesses to come into court to help prosecute crimes. If your lawyer knows of these types of witnesses, they can take advantage of them. When they are doing their risk analysis to give you advice on your case, they can calculate those weaknesses in to help you get a better result. In every complicated system, there are weaknesses. Observing those weaknesses and taking advantage of those weaknesses can be the difference between having a good result and having a bad result.

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