Learn with a Lawyer - Embrace Criticism but always consider the source of the criticism.

Embrace criticism but remember the source. You must remember that some people’s only success is taking a person that is trying down a notch or two. So, when you are doing anything as a lawyer you are going to try and hone your skills, you are going to try and work on your trial advocacy, you are going to try to work on you motion writing, things that advance your clients cause and help you be a good lawyer. You must remember there are times when you are going to get criticism. You need to evaluate that criticism and sometimes depending on the source you might want to change your approach on something. Then you also must be cognoscente that there are some people out there that are just going to criticize you regardless of what their true intention is just for the simple fact of trying to knock you down a peg or two. So, embrace criticism but don’t be beholden to the people that are critiquing you always look at their additional motivations, and what they might be trying to accomplish.

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