Learn with a Lawyer - Don't Trust the Internet for legal advice.

Don’t trust the internet, now I realize the irony of posting a video on the internet, telling you not to trust the internet. You need to be very cautious especially when you ‘re talking about information involving a legal case, or what’s legal and what’s not legal. There is so much misinformation on the internet, there is so much opinion as opposed to fact on the internet when it comes to legal positions and what’s legal and what’s not. You need to always consider the source whenever you are trying to derive any information off the internet. Every single day whether its on social media, whether it’s on other lawyer’s web sites you will be able to find inaccurate information. You need to confirm your sources, make sure that those sources are from the jurisdiction in which you are in trouble in or in which your case is arising in because it changes from city to city, from state to state, from county to country. You need to be very critical of any information you find on the internet with regards the law.

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