Learn with a Lawyer: Don't take "Shortcuts," Nearly Everything Matters.

Don't take shortcuts, almost everything matters. Whether its in a legal case or in your personal life. The example I would use in a legal case: you may get police reports in case and it says the scene looked like this. You can take that at face value and take the shortcut or you can hop in your car and drive out to the scene and look and make sure that is way the scene actually laid out. If you take the shortcut you might miss something you might miss the critical piece of evidence that might help your client get out of trouble. This same thing translates over to your personal life. If your involved in any type of endeavor for money, any type of job there is going to be an opportunity to take a shortcut. What you have to rely on is that doing the actual hard work, doing the work that others won't due is going to have some benefit to you down the road. If you take the short cut you're most likely going to miss something. Just like you would if you took the police report at face value in a legal case. Don't take the short cuts, virtually everything matters.

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