Learn with a Lawyer - Don't fight for the sake of "fighting." PICK YOUR BATTLES!

Don’t fight just to fight, I see this all the time in the legal system. One lawyer gets a case another lawyer gets the other side of the case, and then they just want to fight for no reason. They want to bring every little issue in front of the judge and all that type of stuff does is creates a situation in which you walk into the court and the judge rolls their eyes and says what are we doing here, what other kind of petty fight are we in now folks? You don’t want that, the reason you want to pick your battles is so that when you do go in front of the judge, the judge knows that you have a real issue here because they don’t see you in court for every little thing. This kind of attitude also translates itself into your personal life. Let people get away with somethings. You don’t have to be the type of person who nitpicks every single thing out there when you are dealing with people. Whether it is a business relationship, whether it’s a coworker, just try to let some things slide you are going to get along a lot better. Then when you do actual have a problem and you go to your boss; they are going to know it is important.

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