Learn with a Lawyer - DON'T DO what you DON'T DO! Refer out clients outside of your practice area.

Don’t do what you don’t do. Now this is a maxim that a lot of lawyers apply every single day. Someone will come into your office and say you specialize in criminal defense like me, but then they will say I want you to draw up a will for me. Now it’s something you might be able to do, but you don’t do it, its not something you do very often. In that case what you do is you take that person and you send them to the best wills and trust lawyer you know. Don’t do what you don’t do, because you don’t know about the things that are common in that practice and you might cause some problem for your client. Do what you do and turn everything else over to someone that specializes in that field. Now this translates into your personal life as well. There is going to be a time where you are going to have to diversify and be a renaissance man and take on a couple of different projects. Whenever you step into a field in which there is grave consequences, don’t do what you don’t do. You wouldn’t try to take the power and run it off the pole into your house because you know the grave consequences if you make a mistake. So, don’t do what you don’t do. Rely on an expert and refer the business.

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