Learn with a Lawyer - Don't be afraid to give someone a PEP TALK!

Don’t be afraid to give someone a pep talk. Remember everyone that walks into your office or almost everyone is on one of the worst days of their life. You need to be able to separate the legal problem vs. the interpersonal problem that that person has at that moment. Sometimes it is ok to give that person a pep talk, tell them that things are going to be ok, you are a good person. Just because this one problem has happened doesn’t mean that your life is over, you have worth. Now this can also translate itself over into your personal communications with other people. When you see someone that’s down, someone that might need words of encouragement, there’s your time to step up and give them those words of encouragement. You never know, how your words might be the biggest thing that happened to them and helped change their day and their outlook.

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