Learn with a Lawyer - Do common things uncommonly well.

Sometimes a success is just doing a common thing uncommonly well. Now what I mean by that, lets just use the legal profession, a common legal problem that people have might be a traffic ticket and that’s something that most all lawyers can fix if the just spend a little time doing it. A lawyer can take that, and they can just do it as quickly as possible, collect a fee and move on with there life. Or they can take that opportunity to do that task especially well. What I mean by that is, going to court and getting the best result for their client. Then taking the extra step of maybe sitting down and writing their client a letter, saying “hey, I completed this task here is a copy of the receipt, if you need anything in the future give me a call.” You are doing a common task, but you are doing it uncommonly well, and people will remember that when they go back, and they have some more involved legal problems. They will remember oh, that’s the person who really takes their job serious, who does even the most common things well. That is the type of lawyer you want to be and that is the type of person you want to be. It doesn’t have to be something you’re do illegally, it could be something as simple as fixing your car or mowing your yard. If you spend the time to have an exemplary result, then people are going to see you as the type of person who devotes time and attention to all tasks in life. You want to be that type of person; you want to be perceived as the type of person who does even the most common things especially well.

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