Learn with a Lawyer: Develop a plan but ADJUST the plan when necessary.


Develop a plan from the outset and then don’t be scared to modify the plan if there is a change in circumstances. Now this applies in a couple of different ways, it applies in just about every legal case, but then it also applies in all different types of personal situations. Very rarely does someone come into my office and tell me a story, in which I can’t within fifteen minutes tell them a couple of things that they can do to improve their situation. You have to remember; most complicated problems don’t get solved just like that. You can’t solve a big legal problem in just one day, you’re going to have to space it out and make every day a little bit better than the last. Make incremental steps to making the situation better and eventually you’ll have a solution to your problem. Whether that’s in a legal context or in your personal life. If you have some personal problem that can not be fixed in one day, sit down and say “what are three steps that I can do to make tomorrow better that this day”. Once you do that for enough days, you are going to have the solution to your problem.

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